USB C Type 20V 65W PD Mains Laptop/Pro/Air/Mobile Phone Charger




Up to 65Watt Power Delivery
Suitable for laptops / Mobile Phones (upto 65W)
20V – 3.25A
15V – 3A
9V – 3A
5V – 3A
Made to British Standard
Requires a C5 Cloverleaf Cable

The 65 Watt USB-C charger is mains powered via a C5 Cloverleaf cable and delivers up to 20V 3.25A Charging power making it suitable for laptops and higher powered devices as well as mobile phones requiring a Type C connection.

Compatible with but not limited to:
Apple MacBook/Pro Lenovo ASUS Acer Dell Xiaomi Air Huawei Matebook HP Spectre Thinkpad Razer Google LG Microsoft Surface Book 2 New Nokia N1 tablet and Any Other Laptops or Smart Phones with the USB C


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