New Build Gaming Desktops

If your computer is damaged beyond repair, we can build you a brand new PC. Built for your needs and keeping all of your data and everything that’s important to you. From your favourite programs to your browser bookmarks, personal files and more. We have a super fast turnaround on new PCs and ensure quality and longevity before completion. So, don’t worry about downtime and be ready to enjoy and experience of a brand new, custom built PC designed for you.

Why choose a Custom Built PC?

Faster – Many companies which sell mass-made stock computers make deals with software manufacturers to bundle their software on your computer, whether you want it or not. Our custom built computers don’t come with junk software with free trials or bulky barely functional antivirus programs, so they’re that much faster.

Tailored for you – Get your PC the way you want it. You can explain to us what the main purpose of your machine is, whether it’s gaming, graphic design or just internet browsing. Then we’ll build a machine to your requirements, giving room for future modular upgrades, without spending a heap of money on parts you don’t need.

Transfer what’s important to you – We can move across everything from your old computer, whether that’s programs or music or photos. You won’t lose a thing in the transition so you have complete peace of mind.

Personalized design – Above you can choose what type of PC you would like to build, after you have chosen this you’re ready to start choosing your components. You can add and remove the parts you need, you can even choose what kind of case you would like.

Lower cost – Getting a computer custom built is often much cheaper than buying a branded stock one from Dell or HP, as we can secure each individual part at the best price.

Security – We make sure that our custom built computers have all of the important security updates completed, as well as professional anti-virus software if you wish.

Gaming Without Compromise

To the enthusiasts out there, you want a gaming custom built PC that can play the most recent games at blistering fast frame rates. When you build your dream PC with PC Xpress Wimbledon, quality will not be compromised. You expect the best you can get and that’s exactly what you’ll receive.
So, get ready to have not only a beautifully built PC to show off, but don’t be hindered by your PC’s performance when it matters most.
We expect you to be Gaming Without Compromise.