At PC Xpress Wimbledon, we understand how important your Apple devices are to you. That’s why we offer expert repair services for iPhones, iPads, Macs, iMacs, Macbooks, and Apple Watches. Our team of skilled technicians is trained and experienced in diagnosing and repairing all types of Apple device issues, from hardware problems to software issues.

Our Apple repair services include everything from cracked screen replacements to battery replacements, software updates, hardware repairs, and more. We use only genuine Apple parts in our repairs to ensure that your device is restored to its original quality. Our team is equipped to handle any repair job, big or small, and we offer fast and reliable service to get your device back up and running as quickly as possible.

We take pride in providing personalized service to each and every one of our customers. When you bring your Apple device to us, we’ll take the time to diagnose the issue and offer a customized solution. We believe in transparent pricing, so you’ll always know what you’re paying for upfront. Plus, our repairs are backed by a warranty, so you can have peace of mind knowing your device is in good hands.

Whether you need a cracked screen replaced on your iPhone, a battery replaced on your MacBook, or a software issue resolved on your iPad, PC Xpress has got you covered. Visit our Shop or call us +44 7307 093007  to learn more about our repair services and to schedule a repair today.

Need help with your Apple Device?

A cost effective ‘old school’ Apple Mac repair service

We are very much ‘old school’ when it comes to Apple Mac repair in that we do not simply make wholesale replacements when we repair your Apple Mac, we investigate and diagnose where the problem is and confine ourselves to repairing that specific component.

Our highly experienced Apple Mac repair specialists diagnose your machine’s issues through in-depth testing and diagnostics to pinpoint the exact problem, then carefully disassemble only the parts of your machine that are required to access the component that requires replacement or repair, before re-assembling everything without discarding what may be perfectly sound components in good working order.

This makes our repair service not only extremely cost effective in that you are paying purely for time taken on our highly focused repair work, but also highly efficient in that components are not being replaced unnecessarily so saving on recycling and environmental waste. Some manufacturer-based repairs would result in your ending up with most of your Mac being replaced instead of just the item that is causing the problem.

So, if you are looking for a fast, efficient and affordable Mac repair or upgrade service – or perhaps you have found us through searching for ‘PC Xpress ,’ ‘Apple Mac repair in Wimbledon’ or similar – then give us a call now for some friendly help and advice. We are also able to support Mac networks combining with other systems including integration of iPads and iPhones with Office 365 and other office software.

Repair or Upgrade your iMac or Macbook.

We repair and replace Apple Mac screens

We’ll replace a cracked or damaged display with a brand new LCD or LED in our PC Xpress Wimbledon. It’s a fast and easy service with replacements usually completed the same day your Mac arrives with us.

Apple’s screen quality is a huge part of their laptop range’s appeal with the stunning ‘Retina’ display now standard throughout the Air and Pro range, so to ensure your new screen is of the maximum quality we use only new LCD or LED high quality screens with each screen carrying a 1-year warranty against defects.

We repair and replace Apple Mac Cases

Why not replace the exterior casing of your Mac with a new one to give your Mac that fresh, up-to-date look? On a Mac laptop, the top case includes the trackpad, palm rest area and the keyboard, whereas the bottom case is the lower part of your laptop where the ports are found.

We repair Apple Mac Hard Drives

If your hard drive is slow or clicking, or you need more space to store your music, photos and files a new hard drive can get your Mac running smoothly again. Improve the overall performance of your Mac with a new 7200rpm hard drive. These drives offer the fastest access to your files and will increase overall machine speed with little impact on battery life. 7200rpm drives are recommended for use with video and professional apps.

We Replace Apple Mac Adapters & Batteries

Your Mac’s battery is a consumable item, which means it will require replacement at the end of its useful life. New, high capacity batteries keep your Mac powered longer. The data on your hard drive will not be affected while your battery or adapter is being replaced. However, please make sure you back up your data or other information stored on your system before submitting it for servicing.

We offer the full range of Apple Computer repairs or upgrades

We can provide a full Apple Mac repair service on the company’s full range of computers:

Mac Mini – this compact but powerful desktop PC is based on largely laptop internals to give the machine its small footprint, so components are certainly ‘packed in’ under the hood making repairs a challenge for the inexperienced.

At PC Xpress, we are fully able to get your Mac Mini back up to speed as part of our comprehensive Apple Mac repair service if you experience a problem. Do not forget: we will not just strip out components wholesale to effect a repair; we will only replace or repair what is required.

Apple iMac Repairs

iMac – Apple’s stylish desktop PC is a firm favourite with home and business users alike – and also commercial power users who need plenty of computing muscle to achieve intensive processing tasks such as high-end graphics, video editing and more.

We are fully capable of ensuring your iMac is returned to its former glory should problems strike and, fully understanding you are likely needing your machine up and running ASAP if it is a business productivity tool, we can provide efficient, focused repairs based on exactly what requires attention as opposed to making generalised replacements, so you should have your iMac back producing for you with the minimum delay.

Mac Pro – the real powerhouse of the Apple computer range, the Mac Pro is used extensively where heavy-duty computing is required.

As an experienced Apple repair centre, we can get your Mac Pro back up and running quickly through focused repairs based purely on the specific component that needs the attention.

MacBooks – the MacBook Air and its more powerful stablemate the MacBook Pro are hugely popular laptops amongst domestic and business users, and we are more than capable of looking after yours to either extend its life or effect repairs if required.

A cost-effective repair by PC Xpress could extend the life of your laptop rather than you having to discard it for a new one prematurely. Perhaps your MacBook’s outer case has taken a bashing on the road, or you have unfortunately dropped it and have cracked the screen? As you can see below, we can repair screens and cases.